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Yamato nadeshiko...she is not by SonGoharotto Yamato nadeshiko...she is not by SonGoharotto
Now here's a character with an interesting history.

In my original draft of ANi20XX, one of Wily's new line of Robot Masters was Nitroman, a hand-to-hand combatant. His Master Weapon was the Overdrive, which gave him a general boost to strength and speed--that probably wouldn't translate well to video game mechanics.

In retrospect, you could probably justify the concept by saying that he was designed as a personal trainer who could always stay one step ahead of you, regardless of your personal level of ability. (Please note that this character predates Capcom's own motorcycle-themed stuntbot "Nitroman" in the upcoming Megaman 10.)

Moving on...

Nitroman was regrettably written as a walking gay joke, but I quickly had the idea of him genuinely befriending Kagemaru, then being summarily executed in a cowardly fashion by another Robot Master whom would have proved vulnerable to Nitroman's Overdrive. (You could say Shockman was genre savvy.)

Nitroman's personality matrix (or whatever) was saved from destruction and uploaded into a biomechanical female body that serves as a compliment to Kagemaru (mkII). Dubbed "Hikari," she became allies with Okashira and his Robot Masters, particularly Yamatoman, with whom's Yamato Spear she is picture wielding here.

To recap: a flamingly gay "male" robot became a tomboyish "female" robot. And did I mention that the biomechanical Kagemaru (mkII) and Hikari are capable of procreating? (It makes sense within the context of the plot, I promise.)

EDIT: btw, this pic appeared in strip #270: [link]
RobotMaster3 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
Even so, she's still pretty hot.
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