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TJD Goods on Amazon

Putting up my copy of Absolute Justice for sale, as it seems to be the last thing of value I own.  (Great story and I love Alex Ross’s art, but DC ain’t really ma thang.) SOLD!

Also, got the first four volumes of Invincible: Ultimate Collection that I’d be happy to let go for $10 a piece, but there are already too many on Amazon to be worth listing.  PM if you’re interested.

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Mad Max: Fury Road is incredible.  Better than Age of Ultron, no joke.  Already my movie of the year.
Released my first Skyrim mod on Nexus! =D

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Mako watched The Avatar walk away from him and it didn’t sting.

Maybe he had grown up a little. When it came to looking out for Bolin, it was always necessary for Mako to be the adult, but falling in love with Korra years ago pierced the fragile shell of his macho self-image. Mako knew he’d handled things between them badly, but they were in a good place again, as friends and comrades.

What a long, strange journey it has been. From street rat to pro-bender to cop; he’s seen so many incredible events, done so many crazy things, and met so many amazing people. Watching his little bro dance with Opal Beifong, surrounded by cherished loved ones, gave Mako a feeling of wholeness that he hadn’t experienced since the two brothers lost their parents.

It was almost enough to make him forget the damnable itching under these bandages. Almost.
Mako ambled around the perimeter of the pavilion, enjoying the festive atmosphere. No one was taking notice of him and that was also strangely good. He’d been at the center of the action for a while now. A little less excitement was in order.

Moving without aim, Mako eventually happened upon Lin Beifong. Holding a half-full champagne flute, she too was inhabiting the periphery while others celebrated. This was not unforeseen, as the Chief of Republic City’s Police Department and Metalbender Corps could be described in many ways, but ‘personable’ was not among them.

Even so, Mako was pretty sure he saw the faintest tiny smile on her austere face.

“Hey, Chief.”

“Officer Mako.”

Like himself, Lin didn’t have any particular desire to socialize. Given her relative proximity to the open bar, as well as the variety of escape routes that Mako was able to case – instincts honed more by years on the streets than on the force – he could tell the Chief was planning to slip away unobserved, sooner rather than later.

“So … that was a nice ceremony, huh?” When there was no reply, Mako changed tack. “And you’re looking pretty sharp, Chief. That suit really brings out your eyes.”

Lin drained the last of the bubbly beverage in her glass, then leveled her trademark ‘I don’t have time for this’ look at her subordinate.

“Small talk isn’t your strong suit, lover boy. I can see why you’ve been dumped by two of the prettiest women at this party. Now the question is, why exactly are you trying to butter me up? Because if you’re looking for a third conquest, I’m going to need a lot more to drink.”

The Chief’s frank takedown would have caused the old Mako to wither and make excuses, but this new and improved Mako was able to take it in stride.

“To business then,” he began crisply. “I have it on good authority that Prince Wu is dropping out of politics for private enterprise. Now that the regional tensions have stabilized, he’s not likely to need a dedicated bodyguard anymore, so I was thinking—”

“I’ll talk to President Raiko about getting you reassigned to your old beat, Patrolman. You’re a war hero by all accounts, so it’d be a waste of your talents to leave you shackled to that tone deaf fop.”

“I’m pleased that you agree, Chief. In regards to my returning to normal duties—”

“Still not making you a detective yet. You’ve proven that you have good instincts and the necessary skills, but seniority counts and I have other officers in line for pinions.”

'Pinions' was a reference to the primary feathers of the noble hawk-moth, a detail unique to the badge of RCPD detectives, which symbolized patience, attentiveness, and swift action. The young firebender was honest enough with himself to acknowledge that he possessed at best two out of those three valued qualities.

This was not the exact outcome Mako had been hoping for, but was better than it could have gone, so in the balance of things, he chalked this up as a win. When one of the waiters dressed as Nuktuk (Hero of the South) glided by with a fresh tray of champagne, Mako smoothly scooped up two glasses with his good hand and presented them to his superior.

“Setting that matter aside; here you go, Chief. In the spirit of the occasion!”

His abrupt cordiality may have startled the older woman, because Lin stiffened like a board. This prompted Mako to question whether he had overstepped the bounds of propriety, but while he stood there reviewing his manners, Chief Beifong’s face softened.

The expression she made then was an enigma. The narrow slant of her eyes over those high cheekbones gave the impression of a predatory feline sizing up its prey. Mako experienced the base instinctual terror of having entered dangerous territory.

Lin’s lips drew a tight line as she swept a few strands of iron grey hair out of her face. Then she accepted a flute from Mako and downed it in one long pull.

Upon swallowing, she said simply, “Cheers.”

“Um, yeah.”

Mako took a sip himself and wondered if running away would trigger a pounce, or if he should try to defuse the tension … but he didn’t have to.

“How is your, uh, arm thing, anyway?” Lin asked with uncharacteristic concern. “Is that going to get in the way of doing your job? Because I can’t have one of my best officers making the rounds if he isn’t one hundred percent.”

Although they came out in a clipped tone, her words assuaged Mako’s fears enough that he could relax.

“It’s not as bad as it looks; thanks for asking. The army medic who took care of me said I’ll have permanent scars, but I should regain a full dexterity. All this is just so I don’t overexert myself while it finishes healing.”

Mako raised his left arm out of its sling and wiggled his bandaged fingers, suppressing a wince.

“Itches like you wouldn’t believe, though.”

“Oh. Well. I’m glad. Not about the itching, I mean. Nevermind.”

Chief Beifong turned on her heels and marched over to the bar, her black dress shoes click-clacking on the courtyard flagstones. Mako figured that was the last of the awkwardness he would have to endure for the evening. He was wrong, because the woman returned in short order, a sizable flask of rice wine and two cups in hand.

“Now you’re going to have a real drink with me, Patrolman. In the spirit of the occasion, of course.”

“Thanks, Chief, but I haven’t finished my champagne.”

“Then finish it. And come with me,” she added with the same commanding voice she used for issuing orders. And demanding reports. And most of her interactions with other people, truth be told.

“Oooh~kay. To your health?”

Mako gulped his champagne until it was gone, feeling the bubbles go right to his head. He shook it off and set the glass onto an unoccupied table, hoping the Chief’s choice of refreshment was of the mild variety. He fully expected to be wrong about that as well.


“—and wouldn’t you know it, Hasook whiffs it big time. Right over the Tigerdillos’ captain’s head. Like, even I could waterbender better than that and—and I’m a firebender!” Mako was saying, rather redundantly. He knew it too, but the fine rice wine made him care not so much. “Fucking Hasook! Anyway, we still won, because I’m awesome. I know because Bolin told me so.”

“Right, I was listening to that match.”

“You—what? You actually followed our matches?”

“Not the Fire Ferrets specifically, but I’ve never been much of a music lover, so pro-bending gave me something to listen to during late hours filling out paperwork. You’ll remember I advocated for the championship match to go on, after the Equalists’ threat to attack.”

“Yeah, I do remember! The cops were supposed to provide extra security too. That worked out great, by the way.”

There was a momentarily lull in the conversation when Mako poured himself another cup of wine. It didn’t take long for the tiny dish to fill and it was about then that he realized what had just come out of his mouth. He fumbled and dropped the flask, spilling what little was left in the grass between them.

“Chief, I’m sorry! That wasn’t—I didn’t mean—”

“Open mouth, insert foot.”

Lin tipped her cup and appeared to be savoring the warm wine as it went down, though whether she more enjoyed the beverage or Mako’s embarrassed stammering, he couldn’t say. She let him go on like that for a bit, before waving a dismissive hand.

“Forget it, I admit we were careless,” Lin began. “And I know that was just the wine talking. Or mostly the wine talking. It’s kind of cu—ahem! That is, you’ve been under me—working under me for almost four years now, so I’ve gotten used to it. And I think I’ve had just about enough to drink.”

After ditching the party, Mako and Lin settled at a quiet spot on the cliffs of Air Temple Island that had a pretty good view of the new Spirit Portal in the heart of downtown Republic City.

This was only the second time he’d seen the Chief genuinely relaxed. Buzzed like he was, Mako wasn’t quite so weirded out now. She’d quickly forgiven his gaffe, so that was a definite improvement. He even thought that maybe, just maybe, Lin Beifong knew how to have fun.

Lin leaned against the boulder at their backs and was taking slow, measured breaths. Mako might have thought she was going to doze off, if he hadn’t see the twinkle of one eye peeking at him through a grey fringe.

Both cops were sitting on their jackets. Mako was mildly surprised that Chief Beifong owned any clothes aside from her officer’s uniform and armor, assuming she hadn’t borrowed this outfit from her more stylish sister. The conservative gown hugged Lin’s stout figure. Shoes set aside, her stocking-clad toes curled in the trimmed grass.

Lin had the sort of rugged features which were usually called ‘handsome’ on a woman, but under the starlight and distant golden portal’s glow, Mako decided that she was still quite fetching, objectively speaking. Subjectively speaking, he thought she was probably a babe in her younger days, but Mako didn’t say that out loud either.

“Um, Chief?”

“I said forget it, you don’t have to apologize.”

“No, it’s just … I spilled the wine and this is the last cup. Do you, uh, do you want it?”

Mako offered his boss the tiny dish. Lin turned her whole body so that she was leaning towards him. The dark green throat of her gown was ever so slightly transparent, Mako noticed, and he found himself looking down her bodice.

“ … just about enough,” Lin seemed to whisper to herself.

Rather than plucking the cup out of his grip, she wrapped her hand around his and drew everything towards her mouth.

Feeling Lin Beifong’s lips on his fingers as she accepted the drink was like a splash of cold water in the face. She wasn’t breaking eye contact. The now-empty cup fell away, but she didn’t let him go. Flushed from drink, the woman’s face wore that same puzzling expression as before.

Mako noticed a dribble had spilled from the corner of her mouth. Looking back, he wouldn’t be able to explain what impulse drove him to do this: He wiped the wine off the Chief’s chin with his thumb … and then pressed it between her lips.

She immediately bit him.

To be continued…
The Spirit of the Occasion
Now that Korrasami is canon, I needed a new crack ship.  I’ve always liked everything about Lin.  A real fun character to watch and she deserves a little happiness.  As for Mako, well, he’s such a dope that I purposely had to go back and rewrite bits because even in a fanfic, he was coming across as wishy-washy.

As before, the rest of this fic is quite explicit, so you'll have to read it on my blog: [Part 1
] [Part 2]</span>

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“Brace yourself.”

In the past few years, Korra had many occasions to pass through a Spirit Portal, so she was well-accustomed to the peculiar sensations accompanying the transition to the Spirit World. Bending was the outward expression of manipulating one’s inner chi, and this feeling was not entirely dissimilar: Like a pulling at the soul, and time would seem to slow down for just a moment, before everything snapped back into position.

But this would be a brand new experience for Asami. Korra was uncertain how a non-bender might react.

Even facing each other and holding hands like this, Korra’s vision of the other woman was mostly washed out by the growing intensity of golden energy swirling around them. Asami’s raven hair, painted lips, and heavy-lidded eyes contrasted enough in the glare that she looked like a being made of light.

Korra’s heart skipped a beat.
The grip of Asami’s slender hands tightened in Korra’s as the ‘pulling’ strengthened. The taller woman’s eyes and mouth ringed into little o’s of surprise. Then came the SNAP. Asami’s knees buckled and she pitched forward, but for this at least Korra was ready, catching and holding her friend in a steady embrace. Threshold crossed, Korra supported Asami back out of the portal and into the parallel realm of spirits.

“My goodness, that gave me a start. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected that to be like just walking through a door,” Asami was saying, her voice trailing off.

Seeing the Spirit World for the first time had that effect. Whereas the Spirit Portals corresponding to the North and South Poles came out on roughly opposite sides of the Tree of Time, Korra had no idea where exactly this new one opened to. Geography was at best a suggestion in this realm and she hadn’t exactly been surveying the landscape when facing Kuvira previously.

It wasn’t the first thing on Korra’s mind right now, either.

Upon regaining her balance, Asami marveled at the alabaster cliffs, gnarled baobab-like trunks, and unbroken field of curious pink-and-turquoise flowers. She stepped away from Korra and their fingers slipped apart. Asami spun slowly, bright green eyes settling here and now there, trying to take it all in. A laugh like the tinkling of a bell rose to the sky.

“So lovely!”

“Yeah,” Korra agreed of the view.

Clearing her throat, The Avatar adjusted the pack slung over her shoulders and pried her feet out of their frozen place, to catch up to other woman. Asami was now kneeling in the flowers, hands cupped around one, but she did not pick it.

“Are these…? These aren’t all spirits too, are they?”

“No, at least I don’t think so. I don’t know whether anyone really knows all that much about the Spirit World. But there might be one person we could ask, if we find him here. Did I tell you—”

A sharp gasp from Asami made Korra cut her sentence short. The taller woman doubled over and her shoulders shuddered, accompanied by the sound of a deep sob. Going cold inside, Korra hastened her pace and crouched beside her friend.

“Asami! What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Asami was wiping tears from her cheeks, but she was smiling. “For just a moment, the fragrance of these flowers. They reminded me of my mother. But that impression is gone now. I don’t understand.”

Relieved, Korra settled down next to Asami and placed a reassuring hand over hers.

“A friend once told me that the Spirit World is a place where emotions become reality. With your father gone, you’ve been thinking about both your parents a lot lately, huh?”

The other women nodded. A less-than-delicate sniffle was covered by her other hand, making Korra giggle. She absently ran a thumb over Asami’s knuckles, feeling the tension in them slacken.

“Maybe this place heard your feelings and gave you something sweet to remember them by. Would you tell me about your mother? She must have been one incredible lady to raise someone as great as you.”

Korra’s face grew hot and she knew she was blushing.

The taller woman looked down at a particular flower at her knees and touched each bright turquoise petal in turn, eyes growing distant with memory.

“Both of my parents came from poor families, you know. Mother liked to mix her own perfumes from various things. It was a thifty habit from her own youth. Her favorite was jasmine and lily-of-the-valley, with a touch of something mysterious that she … never got to tell me. Mother always said she would teach me to make a unique fragrance of my own for the day I got married.”

At this, Asami raised her head and gazed into Korra’s face. They were very close like this, sitting with bodies curled to face each other. The Spirit Portal’s now-distant golden light spilled across Asami’s back and her eyes were two glittering points of jade.

After a pause, Asami continued, “That aroma was never too strong, but it meant I always knew when Mother was near. Whether I was playing in the baskets of fresh laundry, or hiding from the dark night under my covers, smelling Mother’s scent was instantly reassuring. Even Father, after working hard in the factory or office, would say that all his stress disappeared when he came home and smelled that fragrance.”

Asami let out a deep sigh that sounded like satisfaction.

“I feel somehow lighter now. Thank you for giving this memory back to me, Spirit World.” Asami’s eyes then narrowed, looking at Korra, down at the flower, and back up. “And I should thank you too, Korra, for listening to me ramble on.”

“Oh no, not at all! It was—it was a pleasure, really!”

Ignoring Korra’s flustered reply, Asami picked the strange flower, which seemed to glimmer and chime faintly at this disturbance, then reached up and threaded the stem through Korra’s hair so that it stayed in place over her right ear. Those fingers lingered in Korra’s chestnut brown hair, then finally came down, lightly tracing her jawline.

“Mmmm, yes. This look suits you too,” Asami insisted, though Korra wasn’t sure if she meant the flower or the ever-deepening shade of scarlet that her face must surely be turning.

C’mon, Korra, get it together! is what The Avatar was thinking, but what came out sounded more like: “D-Does it? I never really felt like this sort of elegant look was for me. I was too focused on bending and being The Avatar. My mother must have been so disappointed to not get a precious little girl she could dote on.”

“It’s never too late to treat yourself, you know. When we get back to Republic City, I’ll take you to my favorite spa. You deserve to feel as beautiful as you are, Korra.”

Korra swallowed hard. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. Asami’s bright eyes were intense, hungry even. Her warm, sweet breath blew softly over the younger woman’s lips. Korra blinked rapidly and took a deep breath.

“Asami, I—”

But it was Asami whom was more bold in that moment. She leaned in and planted her lips over Korra’s.

One hand combed into The Avatar’s hair and held her tight at the nape. As if knowing just the right place to touch, Asami’s thumb found a sensitive spot behind Korra’s ear that elicited a deep-throated moan. Mouths opening, tongues darting, they kissed like no one was watching.

In the Spirit World, no one was. No humans, anyway.

Korra’s arms, which had been like limp noodles, felt their strength return in a rush. They encircled Asami, pulling the woman bodily so that she and Korra were pressed against each other, shoulder to waist. A tangle of limbs, the two women rocked back until Korra found herself on her knees and Asami was held almost parallel to the ground.

Off-balance, the kiss broke with an “Oh!”

Asami leaned onto her elbows, hair mussed, chest heaving. She ran a finger around her lips, clearing away a smudge of lipstick.

“I’ve been waiting to kiss you for three years, Korra.”

The Avatar couldn’t think of what else to say but, “I should have come back sooner.”

To be continued...
The Avatar's Love
Suddenly, Korrasami everywhere!  Just thinking about these cuties makes my heart feel like it's about to explode.  Thank Bryke for Blu-Ray extras and fan-made stuffs, because I don't know if I could survive without it.

Anyway, this is only the first of a three part post-finale fic, the rest of which probably exceeds DA's content restrictions.  If you're prepared for some NSFW girl love, you can read the rest on my Tumblr:
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part3]
TJD Goods on Amazon

Putting up my copy of Absolute Justice for sale, as it seems to be the last thing of value I own.  (Great story and I love Alex Ross’s art, but DC ain’t really ma thang.) SOLD!

Also, got the first four volumes of Invincible: Ultimate Collection that I’d be happy to let go for $10 a piece, but there are already too many on Amazon to be worth listing.  PM if you’re interested.

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